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For MICROSTATION-V8i Users:  (Platforms: Win XP, Win7, Win8 and Win10)

(*** Only for users with Support/Maintenance contracts in place ***)



uCheetah Data Application Form:  DOWNLOAD

Download this Application form in order to get a unique licensed version for your use.  This is an exe file which provides a form for you to complete.  It will save the form data in an ASCII file, which must then be returned via email.  A unique licensed version of the package will then be compiled and sent to you for installation.

uCheetah User-Guide Ver (8.042 Pdf):  DOWNLOAD

Full installation Zipped uCheetah-V8i.exe (Ver 8i.135 Excluding 2015 Licence):  DOWNLOAD  -  Let this self-extracting file extract to the default location.

*** Cheetah-V8i Licence for 2020 (Ver_8i-205 _Eskom-021 ESKOM Only):  DOWNLOAD  -  Close MicroStation first, then copy the downloaded file to:  C:\uCheetah-V8i\MdlApps\

*** Cheetah-V8i Licence for 2017 (Ver 8i.222 Non-ESKOM Only):  DOWNLOAD  -  Close MicroStation first, then copy the downloaded file to:  C:\uCheetah-V8i\MdlApps\  (Rename it to from

*** (Ver 8i.005) DOWNLOAD - Updated 2015-11-09, to create .csv, .txt and .asc format output files.

*** (Ver 8i.014) DOWNLOAD - Updated 2016-01-18.


If you get a message that a configuration file is missing, do the following:

 1. In MicroStation, you need to look at the ‘MSDIR’ or ‘MSLOCAL’ variable under “Workspace/Configuration”, note what folder it refers to.

 2. Close MicroStation.

 3. Then, copy the ‘C:\uCheetah-V8i\Config\uCheetah-V8i.cfg’ file to the folder ‘(MSDIR)\config\appl\’

 Eg. If MSDIR is “c:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\MicroStation\”, then you must copy the ‘uCheetah-V8i.cfg’ to

 ‘c:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\MicroStation\config\appl\’

 4. Restart MicroStation, and all should be resolved.