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Survey services include all surveying aspects related to the land development industry, with clients in the planning, design and construction sectors.

All field work is carried out personally, using up-to-date Real-Time GPS and Robotic Total-Station equipment.

Tasks include:

Pre-Design Site Detail Compilation (Tachometric Survey), including Geographical Features, DTM, Break-lines, TIN, Contours.

Setting Out of construction works, e.g. piles, buildings, etc.

Volumetric surveys.

As-Built Surveys.

Powerline Surveys, including catenary design. (Transmission, Distribution and Reticulation Powerline Surveys, including route negotiation.)

Deflection/Monitoring Surveys.

Control System Surveys, including photogrammetric ground control and local site survey system management. 

Image Gallery, a small sample of projects undertaken over the years.